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biomechZoo is an open-source toolbox that provides tools and graphical user interfaces to help users streamline processing, analysis, and visualization of a wide range of movement-related data. biomechZoo is available for free under the Apache 2.0 license and can be run in Matlab for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

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Download our free toolbox including our virtual three-dimensional environment and our data plotting suite. Download will direct you to our GitHub repository.

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Explore help files, example scripts, and our sample data set to get started with our toolbox. Download will direct you to our GitHub repository.


Donating to the biomechZoo project helps us maintain development efforts and provide users with frequent updates, bug fixes, and feature requests.



biomechZoo is an open-source toolbox that provides tools and graphical user interfaces to help users process, analysis, and visualize biomechanics data. 

We aim to help researchers and clinicians new to programming or biomechanics to quickly perform research using customizable workflows. Advanced users are encouraged to contribute additional functionality to the project. Students may benefit from using biomechZoo as a learning tool. 

It is hoped that the toolbox can play a role in advancing research in the movement sciences. 

biomechZoo is available online under the Apache 2.0 license and can be run in Matlab for Windows / Mac OS.


Philippe C Dixon (PhD)

Dr. Dixon’s research focuses on the mechanics of walking. Through this work, he aims to better understand the adaptations required for populations with restricted mobility to successfully navigate both the natural and built environments. Dr. Dixon is the lead consultant and developer for the biomechZoo toolbox project. Dr. Dixon completed his undergraduate degree in Physics and his master's degree in Biomechanics at McGill University. He holds a doctorate in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Oxford and completed his post-doctoral fellowship at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health. He is currently a data scientist at hexoskin.


JJ loh (MSc)

JJ works in the field of health care database management. He provided the original impetus and early code for the biomechZoo toolbox.


Yannick Michaud-Paquette (MSc)

Yannick's research focuses on the biomechanics of ice hockey research. As a master’s study at McGill University, Yannick contributed to some early developments of visualization tools for biomechZoo.


David Pearsall (PhD)

Dr Pearsall’s research focuses on the study of the physics of human movement, including tasks from walking and running, and the impact tolerances of the human body. Early biomechZoo development was conducted in David’s Ice Hockey Research lab at McGill University.




biomechZoo seminars provide participants with a personalized introduction to the biomechZoo toolbox. To guarantee the quality of the workshop and individualized attention, the number of places is limited. Learn how biomechZoo can help simplify your data analysis, processing, and visualization tasks, while streamlining and optimizing your unique research workflows.  

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If you are interested in a biomechZoo seminar for your institution, please use the contact form below. Simply tell us a little about your needs, your research, and the programming experience of your group, highlighting what you are hoping to gain from a biomechZoo workshop.


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consulting services

We offer data analysis and educational consulting services to both industry and academic partners. We offer tutorials in Matlab programming, technical help with data analysis for research and thesis projects, and advanced data analytics solutions (e.g. biomechanical modelling, statistical analysis, machine learning). Our service is based on our 15+ years experience in biomechanical analyses of movement data and our experience in developing this toolbox. Please complete the contact form below to request further information.


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biomechzoo toolbox manuscript

Dixon PC, Loh JJ, Michaud-Paquette Y, Pearsall DJ. biomechZoo: An open-source toolbox for the processing, analysis, and visualization of biomechanical movement data. Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine. March 2017. Volume 140. pp.1-10. (download)

See google scholar for the latest citation list

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